Wednesday, 30 December 2015



Hygiene problems in Cumbria, as a large turd is seen floating down the high street. Remember that it is on David Cameron's watch that funding for flood defenses have been cut, flood defenses that could have saved 2,000 homes and  400 businesses. Also while he's been in charge  nearly 10,000 new homes have been built each year on flood plains, putting lives at risk and threatening misery and financial disaster for thousands of households.
The weather has unleashed a wave of anger, a lot of it directed at him following widespread devastation that we have recently been witnessing.
Perhaps if the floods had hit the home counties David Cameron would be seen there wading about with a gold bucket  trying to hold back the flood, while Ian Duncan Smith would be lurking near him,blaming the welfare state and the poor for making it all happen.
David Cameron likes to blame climate change,  but what he and his government should be doing is spend more money on protecting people from floods.
It is really inexcusable  that the government has failed to learn lessons from floods in the past
Well done to Syrian refugees though who have been helping to fill sandbags, as a small act of gratitude.They wont ruin this country but cuts to public services will. More money to be spent on planting trees please.At the end of the day my sympathies go out to all victims affected.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lemmy R.I.P Legend (24/12/54 - 28/12/15)

I will be raising a few glasses later, it's the least I can do, already had a few cans in the fridge, now they have Lemmy's name on them, who I first encountered in my teenage years, when I thought, wow what's all this then,  tasty, think I better get  a record player.My vinyl copies now battered and torn, but still spinning.This iconic heavy metal pirate, angel with  his dirty bass has taken his final  journey, after succumbing to an aggressive form of cancer,  though it's been one hell of a ride. He'd just got to 70 as well. Life is short so will be taking the volume to maximum laters, crank em up past 11. We have sadly lost a legend of legends. What a life of excess and no limits. I used to think that one person who could live forever would be Lemmy, but death in the end comes for us all. Here's to Rock and Roll and to Lemmy.
Rest in Peace.

" I know I'm born to lose,
and gambling is for fools,
But that's the way I like it baby,
I don't want to live forever

Motorhead - Iron Horse/ Born to lose

Motorhead - Ace of Spades

(on the Young ones)


Hawkwind - Silver machine

                                                      Motorhead - white line fever.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Musical highlights of the year

It's been a rather surreal year, what with my partners having spent nearly half of it stuck in hospital here in West Wales. Despite this there have been  much musical pleasure that has been released in the last year, that have given me some kind of respite, thankfully. Most of the following I actually have copies of, some kindly copied for me, I do like to support musicians, the following are some of my musical highlights in no particular order.

1. Datblygu -  Porwr Trallod

2. Sleaford Mods -  Key Markets

3. Fundamental - A Philosophy of Nothing.

4. Suns of Arqa - All is not lost but where is it?

5. Asian Dub Foundation - More Signal More Noise.

6. Gwenno - Y  Dydd Olaf

7. Cosmo - Hiraith

8. Selector - Subculture

9. The Ex - The Ex live at BIMHUIS (1991 -2015)

10. Efa Supertramp - Rhyddid yw y Freuddwyd

11. Sendelica - Anima Mundi

12. Killing Joke - Pylon

13. Seckou Keita - 23 

14. Bjork - Vulnicura

15. Tinariwen - live in Paris.

All in all not a bad musical year roll on 2016. Sorry that this post was just a boring list, check the artists out, on the net, you will not be disappointed, well maybe.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Operation Cast lead remembered.

Today on December 27th 2008, Israel began an intensive campaign that would last 22 days, combined with a ground invasion which they called 'operation cast lead,' It would lead to  death and destruction and international condemnation and protests and would be met by Palestinian resistance in Gaza.
The conflict resulted in between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinians and 13 Israelis, most of them innocent civilians.
The horrors inflicted remain  indelibilly embedded in the minds of all Gazans. Crimes against humanity were committed with the use  of chemical and biological agents, like white phosperous, leading to symptoms that medic al professionals had never seen before. Burning flesh to the bone. Also there was deliberate targetting of civilians and vital infrastructure.
Six years later, Gaza still relies on international  aid for day to day activities, including the most basic needs such as food and drink. 75% of homes  destroyed are still waiting to be rebuilt. Leaving many people still displaced. The people of Gaza  left with a legacy of poverty and economic injustice,  80% of the population lives under the poverty line. 1.8 million of people in Gaza still locked in like animals by Israels illegal blockade, that  prevents them from access to essential goods that are needed to rebuild and sustain life.
In a sense the war never ended. People still demanding justice, because without justice, peace will remain a distant illusion.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Tradition is no excuse for cruelty

Tradition is no excuse for cruelty. Tradition is no excuse for deceit.
Tradition is no excuse for breaking the law.
There remains a serious threat that the Hunting Act will be repealed. We need to continue to stop the government from abolishing this landmark law that protects animals.
Remember public support for retaining the hunting ban is supported by 84% of people in rural areas wanting to keep the hunting ban in place. A barbaric and cruel practice. There is no room  in modern society for those who get sadistic pleasure from participating in what is essentially animal abuse. To anyone who has been out hunting today, I hope their day was wet and miserable.
Well done to all those that are fighting to keep hunting  illegal, and hats of the following organisation,  the league against cruel sports.
Here is a link to their boxing day appeal. :-

Friday, 25 December 2015

Alternative Christmas message

No apologies - stuff you Cameron , just  like Tony BLIAR before you, and all the others who mouth  about Christian values, whilst being the biggest hypocrites alive.
In the second year in succession Cameron has referred to Britain as a christian country, A privileged PM peddling platitudes to the poor with his Christmas message. He talked of the poor and homeless, the vulnerable, but forgets to mention how he punishes  the poor with cruel sanctions and delayed benefits,  or the thousands of families his government has condemned to homelessness, temporary accomodation or hostels, while new tower  blocks are built for rich speculators. He also mentioned  NHS staff and refugees, a really nauseating mixed bag . Reflecting on values  like peace, mercy and goodwill, traits that he definitely does not possess. He failed to mention  that is his government's policies that increase hunger, poverty and desperation, whilst destroying services that the poorest in society rely upon,all for the worship of money. May he heed the following words.

Luke 18: 24-34

(22 ) "  When Jesus heard this. he said to him, " You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come follow me."

(23) When he heard this, he became very sad, because he was a man of great wealth.

(24) Jesus looked at him and said " How hard it is for the rich to get to heaven."

(25) Indeed, it is easier for a camel, to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god.

So Mr Cameron may your Turkey give you salmonella,
and your Xmas lights all short,
may your presents all be socks,
and your sprouts as hard as rocks,
may your dinner guests all suffer wind,
and your quail eggs all be rotten,
let your yule log be too wet to burn,
and your sky box blow a fuse,
may you get so drunk you forget the company you keep,
and the party piece you re-enact with the pigs head centrepiece.


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Seasons greetings.

Apologies, as  Tory government keep inflicting us daily with their inhuman policies. I truly find it hard  to understand how anyone can continue to support them. Cameron and his party's  policies, continue to be dangerous, , intolerant,and  out of touch, continuing to serve vested interests that create added burdens to all those suffereing at the present time. But maybe their arrogance and their recklessness will be what eventually brings about their downfall.
Maybe they might change direction, halt their miserly ways, I don't hold my breathe, we have to keep pushing them though.
Anyway not sure how often I will be able to use or have access to computer in coming days, so as crimbo overtakes, lets  reclaim this period for the masses, and remind ourselves that goodwill is the basis of mutual aid, let us follow the redistributive example of Kropotkin Claus,  and keep on building and creating a future that we can all share.
Oh and let  the principles of solidarity remain for life, not just for one day, so in this season, lets us embrace this reason, lets not follow the whims of those who wish to command and control, keep spreading peace and goodwill to your fellow woman /man.
Lets try not to forget at this time of year, those who have nothing to celebrate, allow them to overcome obstacles  as they face hard times that lie all around.
Thanks to all that have dropped on by, solidarity.... heddwch/peace, remember mutual aid, the gift that keeps on giving. lets forever decorate the future with equality and allow us to cherish the value of cooperation instead of following paths of greed.
Lets hope too that all the worlds disorders somehow right themselves in the coming months ahead, as we continue to spread our messages of love and hope,and gather, renew our strengths. 

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating, happy holiday's, whatever you happen to subscribe to.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Remembering Joe Strummer (21/8/52 - 22/12/02) The future's unwritten

It's been 13 years since Joe Strummer, slipped away, but only seems like a moment, this legendary heart and soul of punk, whose  rebel spirit and righteous anger has still not faded, his songs still resonate, with immediacy and warning after all, " the ice age is coming,  the sun is zooming in, meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin."
His lyrics still  able to make us think, that help challenge our views of society. He also taught us,  that punk is not a uniform, it's an idea, a passionate grassroots idea to create change, standing up for what you believe, about being open minded, at the end of the day we are all individuals , you've gotta do what's right for you, follow your own heart, your own true spirit . So  go easy, stay light, stay free, London might still be burning,we still have more than enough time to chant down babylon, after all, the future is unwritten. Know your rights.
Thank you Commandante Joe, gone but not forgotten. R.I.P

Link to Joe Strummer Foundation

remember  " Without people, your nothing." - Joe Strummer

" People can change anything they want to and that means everything in the world "

- Joe Strummer

Some favourites of mine:-

Joe Strummer - Redemption Song

The Clash - Clampdown

The Clash - Clash City Rockers

The Clash -  Tommy Gun

Monday, 21 December 2015

Yuletide ( a poem for the winter solstice)

Today the great mother,
gives birth to the new sun king,
in the middle of winter,
the spark of life returns,
releases chords of merriment,
feelings of peace and goodwill,
threads of hope glisten in the air,
so take time, to magnify the light,
we can share between ourselves.
this earth so precious, 
rekindles, maintains the balance,
breathe in, breathe out,
love forever restores,
keep heart wildly open,
spread generosity and compassion,
open portals of survival,
on this shortest day of the year.

( happy winter solstice,

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Slipping back in time

( dedicated to the Kellingley miners)

I remember 1984,
when we fought for our lives,
when the enemy within, 
were the rulers of the land,
who took away our opportunities, 
robbed us of our jobs,
so we fought back strong,
for our communities, 
and our class.

30 years have passed,
and politicians continue to plunder,
bringing fear across the land,
aided by right wing press,
delivering austerity politics ,
designed to tear lives apart,
it's all still out of order.
as they return us to yesterday,
slip us back in time.

As miners bid emotional farewells,
after working their final shifts,
like those that walked before them,
let their struggles continue to inspire,
as the rich keep getting richer,
because of opportunist interest,
the poor get poorer,
our government turns blind eye,
tension fills the air again,
because we're slipping back in time.

And as they dismantle our sustenance,
steal our dreams away, cut our welfare state,
the ghost of Margaret Thatcher lingers,
her legacy still doing the rounds,
now is the time to seize close,
all the hope you can find,
bury the iron lady's memory,
forever deep down a mine shaft,
with strength we can move forwards,
forge a new future bright,
stop them from slipping us back in time.

Phil Ochs( 19/12/40 -9/4/76) - What are you fighting for?

Today would have been the 75th birthday of the late great Phil Ochs. This was the gut who wrote all the political songs that people loved, that could have been written today, that people hoped Bob Dylan would write.
He did all he could to change the world in the 1960's. With his plaintive voice and passionate opinions, best known today for the many protest songs he wrote on war, the championing of civil rights, pacifism , social justice and revolution.
Unfortunately he suffered from manic depression, and life got to much for him, and he sadly took his own life in 1976.
However depressed I personally get because of social injustices, the weight of the world, life in general , his songs that could have been written a moment ago, still have so much relevence, reminding us what we can do while we are still here. 
Here was a man who while alive, did more for peace than any soldier did for war.
Nearly 40 years after his untimely death he continues to influence with his beautiful haunting voice.

Friday, 18 December 2015

The Sonics - don't believe in christmas

some musical respite...... bah humbug,  though this song  does makes my feet shuffle , a  short and sweet tune. But oh god  hope this period passes really soon.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Twelve Cuts of Christmas: An Anti-Austerity Carol

As winter, takes effect, the impacts of the cuts are increasingly visible as more and more people struggle to make ends meet. The impacts of austerity on ordinary people is plain to see. Because of the tory's dangerous scroogeconomics policies, there is increased insecurity, as energy prices rise,and benefit  cuts continue to have impact on peoples lives, combined with the  the rising cost of living.
Combined with  savage attacks on our welfare state, brutal new sanction regimes, Zero hours contracts, insecure work, benefit delays, this time of the year will be very hard for many.
There has to be a better way, there is a growing movement  protesting and saying  a loud no, to this governments cruel and unfair agenda.
As Christmas descends on us again, lets not forget the fact, that poor are getting poorer, the rich getting richer, so happy crisis and a happy new fear, bah humbug. Lest us forget that the seeds of a better society already lie embedded in the contradictions of the current one
Here's  an alternative Christmas Carol  that I've posted before, that I hope will keep your sprits warm.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Happy Christmas from Bethlehem - For adults only - do not share with little children.

A Silent Night this Christmas : The City of Bethlehem prepares for a scaled down Christmas celebration in the face of continuing Israeli violence.
Faced daily with a massive concrete segregation wall, that zig zags around Bethlehem, placing fertile Palestinian land on Israels, seperating Palestinian families from each other, from their jobs, hospitals, schools, churches and mosques.
My heart and soul continues to ache for the people of Palestine. The impact of occupation daily bringing it's heavy burden. In Bethlehem now peoples journeys blocked by checkpoints and thirty foot high slabs of concrete.
Nothing calm, nothing bright.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Togetherness ( for Jane)

There have been heavy rains,
but a flame is burning as the planet rotates,
togetherness is far more than just a word,
it keeps us alive, keeps us afloat,
in each sky there is a sea,
and in each awakening there is a tear,
we roll on waves of uncertainty,
looking for reason, in every season,
in unity's dance, every drop of rain,
trickles down vessels of the heart,
releasing songlines to the spirit,
to allow the glow of love within to shine,
allow the afternoon to leap,
give strength as the world turns,
storming the impossible,
with sufficient precision,
from the declivities that surround,
our paths are level, we walk in union,
sharing dreams on the crossroads of forever.

( Jane incidentally is my partner,
who has been stuck in hospital
for last 5 months)

Monday, 14 December 2015

Errico Maletesa (14/12/1853 - 22/7/32) - Anarchist spirit

Errico Maletesa ,was a Italian anarchist militant, writer  and thinker who was born on this day in 1853. Imprisoned many times for his revolutionary activities and his ideals, and repeatedly forced into exile.He was in fact imprisoned a total of 12 years during his long career.  In 1876 he helped develop a theory of anarchist-communism. Active in the International Anarchist movement from the time of the First International in 1871, he was an organiser of numerous demonstrations, radical newspapers and workers insurrection in Europe and Argentina. He was also a dynamic speaker and propogandist.
He happened to be a wealthy man, but decided to put his entire fortune at the disposal of the cause, spending it all on radical endeavours, until he was  buried in a paupers grave at the age of 78 after having been under house arrest by the fascists in Italy
Malatesa is still rightly celebrated today because above all, beyond being a writer of articles and pamphlets, he exemplified his thought in deed, his ideas backed up by action, and driven by his fierce commitment to freedom.

" By anarchist spirit I mean that deeply human sentiment, which aims at the good of all, freedom and justice for all, solidarity and love among the people, which is not an exclusive characteristic only of self declared anarchists, but inspires all people who have a serious heart and open mind."

- Errico Maletesa (Umanita Nova; 13/4/1922)

Hope's smile

An Afghan girl smiles, as refugees wait to enter Moira refugee camp on Lesbos Island Greece. When refugees arrive in Lesbos they are separated by nationality. Syrians go to Kara Tepe  camp, where most people stay in shelters, while other refugees , mostly from Afghanistan , are assigned to Moira camp. People  moving back and forth from these camps can cause delays and backdrops.
According to Greek Law only the mother and father are recognised as legal guardians. Many underage children are thus seperated from their relatives upon registration. The seperation  can last for as long as it takes for the minor to be transferred to an open  reception facility for UAMs. This can take two weeks to a month on average.
When people arrive they have nothing but the clothes they wear to protect them from the elements. Many having drowned in their attempt to reach Greece.
Moira, where long lines, squalid conditions and limited supplies have created what many are calling the world's worst refugee camp a living hell, overshadowed by razor wire. A repositary for human suffering. Many forced to sleep out in the open, people in the 21st Century forced to lie on a few rags on the ground.  Despite her dreadful conditions and the unknown future waiting for her ahead, this girl was still able to smile to the camera.
I see this smile, and I want  to return one back.  I hope that all the other children around her on their long journeys of hardship, find a place of safety happiness and security, but  these people are not ok, despite the smiles of innocence the future holds only uncertainty.
Now among winter, with Christmas coming , young and old struggle to adapt to the cold nights,  we cannot forget their plight and their desperate struggle. 

Photo :- Colleen Sinksy

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tammam Azzam - Freedom Grafitti

The hauntingly beautiful picture above is by Syrian artist Tammam Azzam, with his personal tribute to Gustav Klimt's " The Kiss" which he has retitled "Freedom Graffiti. "Since seen by millions across the globe, as it has been virally shared across social media. It is superimposed  on a bullet ridden, war torn building in Syria. Using Klimt's idealistic vision, from the ashes of destruction, the first thing to rise is creativity, the urge to overcome pain and heal. Love is stronger than hate.
The struggle continues until the face of the earth becomes the face of love. This love needed so much now to lighten the pain and suffering of this country, this artwork a magnificent reminder of the power of the human imagination, leaving a glimmer of hope to those that remain. These shattered lives, need hope, and their homes to be rebuilt again, and an end to their suffering. No more bombs to fall.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

John Trudell (b. 15/2/46- 8/12/15) - R.I.P Activist and poet

Sad to hear that John Trudell  that acclaimed Native American poet, recording artist,vietnam vet, actor and activist whose international following reflects the universal language of his words, work and message has passed away from cancer aged only 69. Trudell (Santee Sioux) was the son of a Sastae Sioux father and Mexican Indian Mother. After leaving the military he gave his life to one of full time activism, becoming a spokesperson for the Indian Tribes occupation of Alcatraz Island from 1969 to 1971. He then worked with the American Indian Movement (AIM), serving as Chairman of AIM from 1973 - 1979. He was part of a group of Native American activists who occupied  Alcatraz Island in 1969. In February of 1979, however, a fire of unknown origin killed his pregnant wife, his three children and mother-in law. It was through this horrible tragedy that Trudell began to find his voice as an artist and poet, writing, "to stay connected to this reality".
The filmaker Heather Rae spent more than a decade making a documentary about him, which was released in 2005  Trudell.
The intention was to demonstrate how his political and cultural activities were tied to contemporary history and inspired people.
He has campaigned for the release of the Native American activist Leonard Peltier,  who was  convicted in 1976 for the 1975 shooting of 2 FBI agents at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Many believe this conviction was unjust and like many of his forefathers he has been treated abysmally so  on February the 4th there will be an international day of solidarity for him

Leonard Peltier though imprisoned for over 35 years, aged 71 and in poor health, is still full of hope. Like Trudell he believes that they are stronger than the miserable conditions that unfortunately they find in their reservations, and the terrible poor conditions their communities live among.
A website dedicated to him can be found here.

Trudell himself used a powerful fusion of poetry and music to spread his message. A prolific poet who combined spoken word with music over 12 albums,  and actor who starred in several films. Of himself he declares " I'm just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human." His writings  that started as therapy have become  acts of war speaking out against injustice in humanity's name, through the experience of his community and that of his ancestors. He became a powerful champion of indigeneous rights and was part of a growing force for change. His voice empowering, inspirational and necessary.

John Trudell  aged 25

"As human beings, we are given the power of intelligence. And, when we understand and respect that power by using it clearly and coherently as part of our thinking process, we will be able to create solutions to the problems that confront us individually and collectively."

- John Trudell, (Oct 12, 2008.)
Here was a man who  felt and witnessed tragedy, who continued to act and think consciously, be a defiant  thorn in the side of authority who refused to be shut up or let his independent voice be drowned out. It is people like him that for me makes me believe in humanity.  With his soft spoken voice his words resonated, and echoed with wisdom, using words as weapons of survival. He also said when he was younger  "he fought for a revolution that he believed would lead to freedom. " Well throughout his life he continued to do so, fighting against injustice, racism . he has burnt his nations flag, this dissenting troubadour  waged his war, remained human, and free.
It is sad to have to say goodbye to this charismatic outspoken  voice of passion and integrity.
So long brother, safe journey, humanity is strong because of voices like John's.

John Trudell : Documentary

A Conversation with John Trudell

John Trudell on Leonard Peltier

John Trudell - Crazy Horse

John Trudell - Cry Your tears.

Home page for John Trudell here

" No matter what they ever do to us, we must always act for the love of our people and the earth. We must not react out of hatred against those who have no sense. "- John Trudell

Friday, 11 December 2015

Save N.H.S Nurses bursaries

My partner has been stuck in Glangwili General hospital for last 5 months, looked after by an amazing compassionate dedicated staff. That help deliver a personal touch, that doctors  have not the time to.
It saddens me though that our cruel Tory Government are  planning to force nurses  into debt of at least £51,000 by making them pay the entire bill for their training, even though nurses at the moment spend 50% of their training time working for the N.H.S on clinical placements and their starting  salary is £22,799 as spelled out in George Osborne's spending review last September.
Ask your MP to stand up for the N.H.S and its nurses. This plan will make recruitment even  harder for the N.H.S, and putting the N.H.S workforce under increased pressure, but that is probably the Tory's big plan. Already there is a crisis with more patients and less staff, with the service stretched to breaking point and running out of cash.
Nurses are already underpaid for the life-saving work they do and now the Tory's want to allow them to start their career in debt, if they are not put of training altogether.
These bursaries offer a lifeline, allowing individuals  to attend university and meet their extensive and demanding clinical placement hours.
It allows nurses to devote their ability to care, the plans will mean  that many people from poorer backgrounds will be unable to fulfill their dreams. 
The Tory's are trying to destroy our beloved  health service, their plans are simply unfair and wrong, we cannot allow them to achieve their aims, working with health workers and the unions we must  fight together to stop this from happening. Their plans are simply unfair and wrong and disgraceful.
Nurses are the N.H.S's pride, our lions, I am extremely grateful for all that they do.

Petition doing the rounds can be signed here, please do and share :-

Keep the N.H.S Bursary

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Passing Christmas lights

Passing colors glowing, tinsel hung high, 
Christmas lights, shimmering and sparkling,
the smell of food, enticing on tongue,
another world lingers though,
a different reality resides,
in the corner of our eyes,
the tragedy of hunger,
the waste of consumerism,
austerity that daily bites.

For some now the air drips with sadness,
as the cold season blows again,
people on long and tiresome journeys, 
drifting among thrift stores,
food banks and charity shops,
while the sky above turns dark and grey,
citizens left wanting, running on empty,
struggling on, in this festive time of distraction.

Perhaps some small acts of kindness,
will be sufficient to keep some gladness alight,
against buffeting winds, strength can grow, 
allow people to decorate hearts with hope,
fill glasses full of reason and some cheer,
with little things, perhaps can piece things together,
reach out and find some change,
abandon the past, infiltrate the future, 
to share the sustenance of survival,
beyond the warped economics of now.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Happy Birthday Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin (9/12/1842 - 8/2/21) The Spirit Of Revolt

 On this day in Moscow 1822, the son of a prince was born, one, Peter Kropotkin,he would later renounce his aristocratic heritage in 1871. He abandoned material success and spent his life in The Spirit of Revolt that is the title of one of his famous essays, republished here. Among many things he was a zoologist, evolutionary theorist, philosopher, revolutionary, economist, geographer, writer and one of the most foremost practioners of anarchism.
He is considered  one of the founders of contemporary communist anarchism.He believed that capitalism and authoritarianism creates artificial scarcity, which leads to privilege and inequality..
Imprisoned on political charges (1874/76) he escaped, and fled to Western Europe, where he gain was imprisoned in France on trumped up charges. He settled in England in 1886, where he remained untill the Russian Revolution of 1917.
Through his many writings he attempted to put anarchism on a scientific basis, and pointed out the economical and social value of the human being, and the failure of Capitalism to reach this objective.He saw human co-opeartion as ultimately being driven not by government, but by groups of individuals spotaneous unity to do good, whatever its' cost, in order to make the world a better place. He combined the qualities of a scientist and moralist with those of a revolutionary organiser and propogandist. He lived completely by his words and deed, and was also known for his kindliness and towering intellect.
He died in 1921 in the city of Dimitrov in Russia, with thousands of people gathering at his funeral, with the full approval of Lenin, such was the respect that he had earned.
His legacy lives on, in his many writings, and the actions of those who were inspired by him, as does his Spirit of Revolt. Like him there are many who want to see in this world and end to privilege and inequality, a world based on cooperation and mutual aid.
So on this day I say happy birthday to comrade Peter Kropotkin and reprint one of his fine essays from the 1880's.
Oh and incidentally this bearded philosopher also shares a birthday with a later hirsute rebel, the lizard king himself the late Jim Morrison. Theirs still enough of us out there, too turn the world upside down and break on through to the other side. living side by side among the spirit of revolt.

The Spirit of Revolt

' There are periods in the life of human society when revolution becomes an imperative necessity, when it proclaims itself as inevitable. New ideas germinate everywhere, seeking to force their way into the light, to find an application in life. These ideas are opposed by the inertia of those whose interest it is to maintain the old order; they suffocate in the stifling atmosphere of prejudice and tradititions. The accepted ideas of the constitution of the state, of the laws of social equilibriam, of the political and economic interrelations of citizens, can hold out no longer against the implaceable criticism which is daily undermining them. Political and economic institutions are crumbling. The social structure, having become uninhabitable, is hindering, even preventing, the development of seeds which are being propogated within its damaged walls and being brought forth around them.

The need for a new life becomes apparent. The code of established morality, which governs the greater number of people in their daily life, no longer seems sufficient. What formerly seems just is now felt to be crying injustice. The morality of yesterday is today recognised as revolting immorality. The conflicy between new ideas and old traditions flames up in every class of society, in every possible  environment, in the very bosom of the family. The son struggles against his father, he finds revolting what his father  has all his life found natural; the daughter rebels against the principles which her mother has handed down to her as a result of long experience. Daily, the popular conscience rises up against the scandals which breed amidst the privileged and the leisured, against the crimes committed in the name of the law of the stronger, or in order to maintain these privileges. Those who long for the triumph of justice, those who would put new ideas into practice are soon forced to recognize that the realization of their generous, humanitarian and regenerating ideas cannot take place in a society thus constituted; they percieve the necessity of a revolutionary whirlwind which will sweep away all this rotteness, revive sluggish hearts with its breath, and bring to mankind that spirit of devotion, self-denial, and heroism, without which society sinks through degradation and vileness into complete disintegration.

In periods of frenzied haste towards wealth, of feverish speculation and of crisis, of the sudden downfall of great industries and the ephemeral expansion of other branches of production, of scandulous fortunes amassed in a few years and dissipated as quickly, it becomes evident that the economic institutions which control production and exchange are far from giving to society the prosperity which they are supposed to guarantee; they produce precisely the opposite result. Instead of order they bring forth chaos; instead of prosperity, poverty and insecurity, instead of reconciled interests, war, a perpetual war of the exploiter against the worker, of exploiters and of workers among themselves. Human society is seeen to be splitting more and more into two hostile camps, and at tthe same time to be subdividing into thousands of small groups waging merciless war against each other. Weary of these wars, weary of the miseries which they cause, society rushes to seek a new organisation. it clamours loudly for a complete remodelling of the system of property ownership, of production, of exchange all economic relations which spring from it.

The machinery of government, entrusted with the maintenance of the existing order, continues to function, but at every turn of its deteriorated gears it slips and stops. Its working becomes more and more difficult, and the dissatifaction caused by its defects grows continuously. Every day gives rise to a new demand. "Reform this," "reform that," is heard from all sides. "War, finance, taxes, courts, police, everything must be remodelled, reorganised, established on a new basis." say the reformers. And yet all know that it is impossible to make things over, to remodel anything at all because everything is interrelated; everything would have to be remade at once; and how can society be remodeled when it is divided into two openly hostile camps? To satify the discontented would be only to create new malcontents.

Incapable of undertaking reforms, since this would mean payiing the way for revolution, and at the same time too impotent to be frankly reactionary, the governing bodies apply themselves to halfmeasures which can satisfy nobody, and only cause dissatisfaction. The mediocrities who, in such transition periods, undertake to steer the ship of State, think of but one thing: to enrich themselves against the coming debacle. Attacked from all sides they defend themselves awkwardly, they evade, they commit blunder upon blunder, and they soon succedd in cutting the last rope of salvation; they drown the prestige of the government in ridicule, caused by their own incapacity.

Such periods demand revolution. It becomes a social necessity; this situation itself is revolutionary.

When we study in the works of our greatest historians the genesis and development of vast revolutionary convulsions, we generally find under the heading, " The Cause of the Revolution," a gripping picture of the situation on the eve of events. The misery of the people, the general insecurity, the vexatious measures of the government, the odious scandals laying bare the immense vices of society, the new ideas struggling to come to the surface and repulsed by theincapacity of the supporters of the former regime- nothing is omitted. Examining this picture, one arrives at the conviction that the revolution was indeed inevitable, and that there was no other way out than by the road of insurrection.

Take for example, the situation before 1789 as the historians picture it. You cn almost hear the peasant complaining of the salt tax, of the tithe, of the feudal payments, and vowing in his heart an implacable hatred towards the feudal baron, the monk, the monopolist, the baliff. You can almost see the citizen bewailing the loss of his municipal liberties, and showering maledictions upon the king. The people censure the queen; they are revolted by the reports of ministerial action, and they cry out continually that the taxes are intolerable and revenue payments exorbiant, that crops are bad and winters hard, that provisions are too dear and the monopolists too grasping, that the village lawyer devours the peasant's crops and the village constable tries to play the role of a petty king, that even the mail service is badly organised and the emplyers too lazy. In short, nothing works well, everybody complains. " It can last no longer, it will come to a bad end'" they cry everywhere.

But, between this pacific arguing and insurrection or revolt, there is a wide abyss - that abyss which for the greatest part of humanity, lies between reasoning and action, thought and will - the urge to act. How has this abyss been bridged? How is is it that men who only yesterday were complaining quietly of their lot as they smoked their pipes, and the next moment were humbly saluting the local guard and the gendarme whome they had just been abusing - how is it that these same men a few days later were capable of seizing their scythes and their iron-shod pikes and attacking in his castle the lord who only yesterday was so formidable? By what miracle were these men, whose wives justly called them cowards, transformed in a day into  heroes marching through bullts and cannon balls to the conquest of their rights? How was it that words, so often spoken and lost in the air like emty chiming of bells, were changed into actions.

The answer is easy.

Action, the continuous action, ceaselessly renewed, or minorities brings about this transformation. Courage, devotion, the spirit of sacrifice, are as corageous as cowardice, submission and panic.

What forms will this action take? All forms - indeed, the most varied forms, dictated by circumstances, temperament, and the means at disposal. Sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous,
but always daring; sometimes collective, sometimes purely individual, this policy of action will neglect none of the means at hand, no event of public life, in order to keep the spirit alive, to propogate and find expression for dissatisfaction, to excite hatred against exploiters, to ridicule the government and exopose its weakness, and above all and always, by actual example, to awken courage and fan the spirit of revolt.

When a revolutionary situation arises in a country, before the spirit of revolt is sufficiently awakened in the masses to express itself in violent demonstrations in the streets or by rebellions and uprisings, it is through action that minorities succeed in awakening that feeling of Independence and that spirit of audacity without which no revolution can come to a head.

Men of courage, not satisfied with words, but ever searching for the means to transform them into action - men of integrity for whom the act is one with the idea, for whom prison, exile, and death are preferable to a life contrary to their principles - intrepid souls who know that it is necessary to dare in order to succeed - these are the lonely sentinels who enter the battle long before the masses are sufficiently roused to raise openly the banner of insurrection and to march, arm in hand, to the conquest of their rights.

In the midst of discontent, talk, theoretical discussions, an individual or collective act of revolt supervenes, symbolizing the dominant aspirations. It is possible that at the beginning the masses will remain indifferent. It is possible that while admiring the corage of the individual or the group which takes the initiative, the masses will at first follow those who are prudent and cautious, who will immediately decribe this act as "insanity" and say that " those madmen, those fanatics will endanger everything."

They have calculated so well, those prudent cautious men, that their party, slowly pursuing its work would, in a hundred years, two hundred years, three hundred years perhaps, succeed in conquering the whole world, - and now the unexpected intrudes! The unexpected, of course, is whatever has not been expected of them, those prudent and cautiousones! Whoever has a slight knowledge of history and a fairly clear head knows perfectly well from the beginning that theoretical propoganda for revolutiob will necessarily express itself in action long before the theoreticians have decided that the moment to act has come. Nevertheless, the cautious theoreticians are angry at these madmen, they excommunicate them, they anathematize them. But the madmen win sympathy, the mass of the people secretely applaud their courage, and they find imitators. In proportion as the pioneers go to fill the jails and the penal colonies, others continue their work; acts of illegal protest, of revolt, of vengeance, multiply.

Indifference from this point on is impossible. Those who at the beginning never so much as asked what the "madmen" wanted, are compelled to think about them, to discuss their ideas, to take sides for or against. By actions which compel general attention, the new idea seeps into people's minds and wins converts. One such act may, in a few days, make more propoganda than thousands of pamphlets.

Above all, it awakens the spirit of revolt: it breeds daring. The old order, supported by the police, tha magistrates, the gendarmes and the soldiers, appeared unshakeable, like the old fortress of the Bastille, which also appeared impregnable to the eyes of the unarmed people gathered beneath its high walls equipped witl loaded cannon. But soon it became apparent that the established order has not  the force one had supposed. One courageous act has sufficed to upset in a few days the entire governmental machinery, to make the colossus tremble, another revolt has stirred a whole province into turmoil, and the army, till now always so imposing, has retreated from a handful of peasants armed with sticks and stones. The people observe that the monster is not so terrible as they thought they begin dily to percieve that a few energetic efforts will be sufficient to throw it down Hope is born in their hearts, and let us remember that if exasperation often drives men to revolt, it is always hope, the hope of victory, which makes revolutions.

The government resists; it is savage in its repressions. But though formerly persecution killed the energy pf the oppressed, now, in periods of excitement, it produces the opposite result. It provokes new acts of revolt, individual and collective, it drives the rebels to heroism; and in rapid succession these acts spread, become general, develop. The revolutionary party is  strenghthened by elements which up to this time  were hostile or indifferent to it. The general disintegration penetrates into the government, the ruling classes, the privileged, some of them advocate resistance to the limit; others are in favour of concessions; others, again, go so far as to declare themselves ready to renounce their privileges for the moment, in order to appease the spirit of revolt, hoping to dominate again later on. The unity of government and the privileged class is broken.

The ruling classes may also try to find safety in safety reaction. But it is now too late; the battle becomes more bitter, more terrible, and the revolution which is looming will only be more bloody. On the other hand, the smallest concession of the governing classes, since it comes to late' since it has been snatched in struggle, only awakes the revolutionary spirit still more. The common people, who formerly would have been satisfied with the smallest concession, observe now that the enemy is wavering; they foresee victory, they feel their courage growing and the same men who were formerly crushed by misery and were content to sigh in secret, now lift their heads and march proudly to the conquest of a better future.

Finally the revoluition breaks out, the more terrible as the preceding struggles were bitter.

The direction which the revolution will take take depends, no doubt, upon the sum total of the various circumstances that determine the coming of the catclysm. But it can be predicted in advance, according to the vigor of revolutionary action displaced in the prepatory period by the different progressive parties. 

One party may have developed more clearly the theories which it defines and the program which it desires to realize; it may have made propoganda actively, by speech and in print. But it may not have sufficiently expressed its aspirations in the open, on the street, by actions which embody the thought it represents; it has done little, or it has done nothing against those who are its principal enemies; it has not attacked institutions which it wants to demolish; its strength has been in theory, not in action; it has contributed little to awaken the spirit of revolt, or it has neglected to direct that spirit against conditions which it particularly desires to attack at the time of revolution. As a result, this party is less known; its aspirations have not been daily and continuously affirmed by actions, the glamor of which could reach even the remotest hut, they have not sufficiently penetrated into the consciousness of the people; they have not identified themselves with the crowd and the street; they have never found simple expression in a popular slogan.

The most active writers of such a party are known by their readers as thinkers of great merit, but they have neither the reputation nor the capacities of men of action; and on the day when the mobs pour through the streets they will prefer to follow the advice of those who have less precise theoretical ideas and not such great aspirations, but whom they know better because they have seen them act.

The party which has made most revolutionary propoganda and which has shown more spirit and daring will be listened to on the day when it is necessary to act, to march in order to realize the revolution. But that party which has not had the daring to affirm itself by revolutionary acts in the prepatory periods nor has a driving force strong enough to inspire men and groups to the sentiment of abnegation, to the irresistable desire to put their ideas into practice, - (if this desire had existed it would have expressed itself in action long before the mass of the people had joined the revolt) - and which did not know how to make its flag popular and its aspirations tangible and comprhensive, that party will have only a small chance of realizing even the least part of its program. It will be pushed aside by the parties of action.

These things we learn from the history of the periods which precede great revolutions. The revolutionary bourgeoisie understood this perfectly, it neglected no means of agitation to awaken the spirit of revolt when it tried to demolish the monarchical order. The French peasant of the eighteenth century understood it instictively when it was a question of aboloshing feudal rights; and the International acted in accordance with the same principles when it tried to awaken the spirit of revolt among the workers of the cities and to direct it against the natural enemy of the wage earner - the monopolizer of the means of production and of raw materials.

From Le Revolte 1880

Further Reading

Pyotr Kropotkin- Memoirs of a Revolutionist (1899)/ Mutual Aid (1902)

George Woodcock & Ivaan Avakumovic - The Anarchist Prince (Black Rose Press,1996)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Marking first Palestinian intifada of December 1987

28 years ago on December 8, 1987, 16 year old Palestinian schoolboy protestor,Hatem Abu Sissah is killed by Israeli soldiers, he had simply gone to join with hundreds of others, demonstrating against their ongoing occupation. On Demmber 9th an Israeli truck crashed into two vans carrying Palestinian workers, killing  4 inhabitants. It would act as a final straw and catalyst for the days of rage that were to follow.
 It would ignite the first intifada in Israeli-occupied Palestine, a popular uprising that would see many Palestinians uniting in a campaign of resistance against the Israeli occupation. Spreading initially from the Jabaila refugee camp,  throughout the occupied territories, the Gaza strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
In Arabic intifada means to rise up or to shake off. It would embody the struggle of the Palestinians to win basic freedoms long denied by Israel, against policies of exclusion and domination, against a background of oppression.and the denial of basic freedoms.
In the days and years that followed, almost daily clashes with Israeli soldiers would occur and would  catapult the Palestinian cause onto the international stage and into the hearts of millions of television viewers across the globe as they resisted a colonial miliary power that had been occupying their land by force since 1967.
It would result in a total of 1,489 Palestinian lives being lost along with 185 Israelis.
Some years later on September 13, 1993, the uprising would end with the Oslo Peace agreement between the PLO and Israel, thas would bring the Palestinians dream of Independence in the West Bank, and Gaza one step closer, but was followed again in September 2000, with a second intifada.
Palestinians still have to take principled methods of non-violent civil disobedience, that includes general strikes, boycotts of Israeli products, refusal to pay taxes, along with graffiti, and spontaneous demonstrations to allow their plight to be recognised by the world.
Many believe that it wont be long until a third intifada comes to call. How many more intifada's must be fought until real justice for the Palestinian people prevails and the world finally witnesses an end of  illegal Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories.?

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Datblygu - Porwr Trallfod; a testament of truth

Datblygu a favourite band of mine , seminal  Welsh post-punk legends,  have just released their latest album. It is called Porwr Trallford ( Tribulation Browser)
A continuing journey of the magical force that is Pat Morgan  and David Rupert Edwards,  delivering again a smouldering sound of truth.
Dave like a lot of us  has unfortunatley  has  over the years had to battle and endure mental illness, but despite it all,  with this record, he keeps delivering a  poetical depth of beauty and raw honesty.
I confess now that I personally know Dave,and over the years and so have witnessed his strength, his friendship and love, that has carried and lifted me, kept me afloat  in my own periods of darkness.
But at the end of the day, if you want hear  some truth. switch off the mainstream news, seek out this record full of lyrical beauty, of  musical depth, and emotion, carried in the medium of the Welsh ,a  message that will  also enable you  to fall in love with this rich language.
When the lights continue to go on and off, here is a light that delivers truth and soul.
So if your into christmas, I can think of nothing  better to send than this wonderful record, that truly deserves a much wider audience, with messages of hope, taking in Jack Kerouac, Richard Burton, broken britain, alcohol ,lust, life and loss, a passionate voice from here in West Wales, a clear ember from the soul,  that will leave you blinded with beauty as the world's dark shadows  drift. All in the beautiful medium of the Welsh language.
This is truly a beautiful gift of a much needed poetical genius.
So diolch yn fawr, thank you very much Pat and Dave, I continue to love your journey and gift immensely,  I will end  with a quote from Mr Edwards  - "there's no need to analyse, feelings so pure."
Seek this record out I guarantee it will not offer you any disappointment.
I  for one will continue to love Datblygu's  music ureservedly. a band that almost stopped me going completely insane.

more info here :-

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sun Ra & His Arkestra - There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)

Some musical respite  among the darkness. Full of cold at moment, but I keep looking, and at the end of  the day another world is possible, we should not allow fear to rob us of this potential. Politicians are leading us currently in the wrong direction, they can be averted though by building on the struggle for a different kind of world.
Lets not be puppets attached to their strings,  seek new possibilities, keep on longing for a more beautiful world,  abandon their shackles, their greed and need for war, overcome their barriers, yes truly another world is possible.
All the best heddwch/peace

Friday, 4 December 2015

Remembering Black Panther Fred Hampton ( 30/8/48 -4/12/69)

On this day December 4, 1969, Chicago Black Panther Party Chairman, revolutionary and activist  was assasinated by  the Chicago Ploice Department in collusion with  the F.B.I.
Just 21 years old Hampton was a dynamic young activist and one of the founders of the Chicago Rainbow Coalition, that sought to unite the Black Panthers, and the American Indian Movement in one common struggle.
Many saw him as the next possible Martin Luther King or the next Malcolm X, or perhaps the next great leader of Black Americans.
Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs of Maywood, Illinois,  he became involved in the civil rights movement,  joining his local branch of the National Association For the Advancement of Coloured People. (NAAP ). His dynamic leadership and organisational skills led  him to rise to the position of Youth Council President.
He sought to unite people through socialism, against the capitalist system, fighting against racism and discrimination  through practice and deeds, seeking to find solutions that would improve poor and working peoples lives, through struggle, without getting bogged down in watered down reformity. He sought to do this through observation and practice. A dangerous message then,  still is today I guess.
His organisation  provided breakfasts for poor school children and a free medical clinic for those that needed it. Hampton himself also taught political education classes. He also managed  to persuade two of Chicago's most powerful street gangs to stop fighting one another.
His attempt at unification of different peoples struggles  bought him to the attention of J.Edgar Hover and the F.B.I.
 During an early morning police raid, he and fellow Black Panther Mark Clark were shot down dead in a hail of bullets. Hampton was sleeping in his bed. This was seen by many at the time as a serious attempt to undermine the Black Panthers powerful message. 
Although many years have since gone since his passing, the peoples love for this man remains strong. His powerful message  remains strong. People still fighting discrimination and ongoing racism.
In 2004 the Chicago City Council passed resolutions commemorating Dec ember 4 as Fred Hampton Day.

" We got to face some facts.  That the masses are poor, that the masses belong to what you call the lower classes, and I talk about the masses, I'm  talking about the white masses, I'm  talking about the black masses, and the brown masses, and the yellow masses.
We've got to face the fact that some people say you fight fire best with fire, but we say you put fire out best with water. We say you don't fight racism with racism. We're going to fight racism with solidarity.
We say don't fight capitalism with no black capitalism, you fight capitalism with socialism. "

- Fred Hampton.

A brother who fought the oppressor,
who attacked the suppressor,
people continue his fight,
discrimination has not ended,
nor has the struggle.
the dream of freedom is kept alive,
some people pay the price,
when they try to fight back,
you can kill a revolutionary,
but you cant kill  the revolution.
the spirit, lives on.

I am a revolutionary - Fred Hampton