Saturday, 20 January 2018

Anger is an energy

( after Carillion)

They try to control us
the old enemy deep outside,
their words are dust
time to brush them away.
The first five years
are always the hardest a headline cries
rubbing salt into milky eyes.
Time to shake, the sleep away
and catch the fire by its throat,
as they feed us lies day after day
hiding our pain behind their laughter.
Sky is angry, wind comes down
launches its bullets, this should be enough,
we are not surrounded yet
we will not be trampled down,
we are still here unrestrained
this is our season too, our time of discontent.
Capitalism is not working
look at the crimes across the globe,
ideological theft for the few, not the many
yet they still make us pay for their greed,
with systematic theft and robbery out of control
don't go to them crawling back on your knees,
remember anger is our energy too
live with fierce passion, take back what's yours.

Friday, 19 January 2018


While the world sleeps
her silvery light is shed,
through the shadows of trees
gaps of branches all outspread,
golden moon keeps shining
releasing brilliant light,
far away from our artificial borders
stops the earth from spinning faster,
caressing the land with her powers
beyond the darkness of this land, never cowers,
like an old lover listens to our thoughts
faithful to the end, consumes our desires.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Know your Parasites

Never ever trust the Conservatives, they would eat us alive if they could. They are cowardly,  and absolutely devoid of compassion. Used to think they were bad under Margaret Thatcher, but the latest lot seem even more ruthless and cruel.
When Theresa May first entered No 10, she promised to represent the vulnerable, and in her own words to " think not for the powerful, but you."But this has proved to be a lie as she and her fellow parasites  continue to  strip our country of its  valuable assets, tearing peoples lives apart, this festering  party  delivering conscious cruelty to the downtrodden and underprivileged, delivering nastiness and unfairness to all in their paths. We cannot afford to remain apathetic to their actions or remain silent. I don't believe there is a cure to them, they simply have no moral compass, far worse than bloodsucking leeches. They are simply parasites of the worst  order feeding  merrily on their victims. A landmark study has linked Tory austerity to  120,000 deaths. resonsible for allous eonomi murder
They simply lack the capacity to care about the health of the nation, as they destroy our N H.S,  they will continue to infect, suck on all the essential services and resources we depend on, . The only way we to deal with theses these parasites is to destroy them, because they will never stop until there is nothing left to feast on. We have to get rid of them, the Tories must be  eradicated, as soon as possible, for the many not the few.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Gruff Rhys - A Design for life

Libraries gave us power
Then work came and made us free
What price now for a shallow piece of dignity
We don't talk about love we only want to get drunk
And we are not allowed to spend
As we are told that this is the end
A design for life
A design for life
A design for life
A design for life
I wish I had a bottle
Right here in my pretty face to wear the scars
To show from where I came
We don't talk about love we only want to get drunk
And we are not allowed to spend
As we are told that this is the end
A design for life
A design for life
A design for life
A design for life

Originally created by the Manic Street Preachers, but personally such a beautiful version.

The threat to public libraries is very real, keep defending, this blog would not have existed without them

Songwriters ;James Bradfield/ Sean Moore/ Nicholas Jones 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Happy Birthday Simone de Beauvoir ( 9/1/08 - 14/4/86) - Feminist icon

Tonight I mark the occasson of Simone de Beauvoirs birth. She was many things, an athiest, feminist, existentialist, philosopher, intellectual and political activist, born to Francois and George Bertrand de Beauvoir, her father encouraged her to be an avid reader from a young age. At 14, she had a crisis of faith and decided definitely that there was no God. On all accounts she was a precoucious, but intellectually gifted curious child, who would later come into conflict with her parents over their difference of beliefs.
Educated  at a convent school, she went on to study philosopy at the Sorbonne, seeking a life as a writer and teacher. In 1929. she took the aggregation exam in philosophy at the Ecole Normale de Sueriuiere, even though she was not a student there, and was placed second before Jean- Paul Sartre becoming  the youngest philosopher teacher in France at the age of 21.She would begin a lifetime relationship  with  Jean Paul Sartre,  though refusing to marry or set up house with him, instead oth took and even shared lovers over time, becoming famous Parisian intellectuals and part of the city's cafe culture. regularly meeting other great minds of the time.Together, she and Sartre would develop existentialism, a philosophy that takes freedom to be the highest value in a universe where God is dead and where human beings create their own values through their choices and actions, In the post war period, existentialism was the most challenging expression of radical, secular, philosophical humanism.
She would teach philosophy and literature throughout the 1930's, but was dismissed during  Word War 11 from her post by the Vichy government after the German army occupied Paris in 1940. Both she and Sartre would work for the French Resistance during the remainder of the war, but unable to teach, she soon launched her literary career.
She went on to write many groundbreaking books that can be found today on many bookshelves across the world. She wrote  her best known  book The Second Sex, on the treatment of women throughout history,  in 18 months at the age of 38 in 1949.It  helped raise feminist consciousness but also stressed that women's liberation was liberation for men too, it was subsequently  placed  by the Vatican on their list of prohibited books. if that does not wet your appetite , am not sure what will.
Her first philosophical essay called "Pyrrus and Cineas" 1944, asked such quetions as :" What are the criteria of ethical action? How can I distinguish ethical from unethical political projects? What are the principles of ethical relationships? Can violence ever be justified?"
She would go onto write four volumes of autobiography. After the Second World War she travelled to the U.S, where she would meet and have an affair with the writer Nelson Algren, who is  best known  for his book ' The Man with the Golden Arm" 
The novel ' The Mandarins' . 1954, is based on her relationships  with Algren and Sartre, and is a chronicle of the movement of post World War intellectualls from their  'mandarin' ( educated elite)  status towards political engagement.
It was in the 1970's that she would become an active member of the women's liberation movement in France. Her name was one of the 243 listed in a 1971 manifesto in a bid  to legalise abortion in France, that featured famous women who claimed to have  had a termination, before it came legal in 1974.An intellectual vigilante she used her pen as a weapon, breaking down gender stereotypes and challenged laws that prohibited women fom having control  over their own bodies.Today more than ever it is vital to recognise that freedom can't be assumed. Some of the freedoms that de Beauvoir fought so hard for, have since come under threat.
In 1986 her health,  having sadly declined due to her heavy use of amphetimines and alcohol,, she died aged 78, and was buried next to Sartre in the Cimetiere du Montparnasse, next to Sartre. A life of many contradictions, but nevertheless a fascinating and inspiring woman whose life and work still has huge influence on many over the years. Her  work stll provides us with a fascinating unique point of view, on what it it is to be human and how that still pertains to the struggle for political and spiritual unity. Ideas that still resonate with us today.Happy birthday Simone.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Heart and Soul : Dedicated to Jane Elizabeth Husband (9/5/60 - 8/1/17)

The concept of twin souls ( more popularly known as soulmates) is as old as civilisation itself, I was fortunate to find mine, my muse , at the time of starting this blog, back in 2009,  Jane  Elizabeth Husband,  my dear beloved' the mighty furbster, who I am thinking of today, one year after her passing. She made my life and world so beautiful,and understood the true depths of love and kinship, that  fortunately  we shared together, who  still shines brightly within my heart. The following poem  is dedicated to her memory. She taught me a lot. 

Heart and Soul

Sweet cords of memory
cancel out lines of disbelief,
move moments of regret
in the distance waves goodbye,
this gift of time, who released so much love
a voice so elegant and pure,
who filled up all the empty spaces
continues to be so dear and true,
carries  on dancing in the night sky
a light that cannot darken,
no one will quite replace her
gleaming  now in eternity,
flowing through every day given
giving no cause for regret,
running free deep within
never fades with slipping sun,
everytime I hear an accordian
in heart and soul, we are one.

Last years post :-

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Genocidal Blockade of Gaza

The  ten year Israeli-led blockade of Gaza , the narrow enclave that is home to nearly half of all Palestnians living under Israeli occupation, which has decimated the Gazan economy and Gaza's once strong furniture, garment and agricultural sectos have been all but destroyed after more than a decade of restrictions on exports, imports and movement. Gaza has been declared unlivable by the UN, with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world and 80 percent of people relying on humanitarian aid to survive.
This is a place where life has long been cruel, where refugees forced out of Israel by the Nabka and families who have lved in Gaza for generations have suffered under dire conditions  for nearly 70 years. But in the last decade, it has become a site of stunning misery. Ten years ago this past June, Israel imposed a stringent land sea and ar blockade on Gaza which has restricted most movement to and from  the strip and pushed the tiny territory to the brink of collapse. Conditions hae become so extreme that the United Nations has stated that by 2020 the Gaa Strip could become uninabitable
The crisis in Gaza is not just a humanitarian tragedy, it should be a moral outrage. This ongoing suffering must end.
The above visual was produced in collaboration with Oxfam, and builds on Visualising Palestine's extensive work to highlight the daily realities faced by Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.
View and download here ;-

Friday, 5 January 2018

2017; Theresa's year of mayhem

A  quick reminder of 2017's year of mayhem. Theresa May though remains a shambolic figure, her authority in shreds. and her lack of leadership and cohesion, and sheer incompetance  is going I fear   be a disaster for this country. as millions face poverty, criminally inflated rents, humiliating benefit cuts and welfare sanctions amounting to state sponsored starvation, 2018 is going to be just  as painful as last year. She is the personifiation of this disunited kingdom. We need to see the back of the heartless Tories as soon as possible.

Monday, 1 January 2018

For a Brand New Tomorrow (Happy New Year)

Words arrive from seas of dream
no one is illegal, no one is forgotten
with revision division abandoned
creating new traditions to handle,
we have ruined, but we can build again
taking leap forwards in faithful belief,
waiting and watching, keeping alert
creating justice and retribution,
burning free, coalescing with others
restoring paradise that no longer smothers,
with patience seek roads of contentment
steady and slow, darkness turned into light,
our eyes in  summer, spring, autumn, winter
will glisten with rainbows and laughter,
hope returning with no ending
visions created by our human senses,
on elysian fields, no borders necessary
new gardens of eden created,
all our messages ring with love
as a brand new dawn reawakens.

( blwyddyn newydd dda/ happy new year.. heddwch/peace. )

Friday, 29 December 2017

Free Ahed Al -Tamimi and Palestinian child prisoners

A Palestinian girl, Ahmed Al - Tamimi aged 16 years, from a well-known activist family who lives in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, who many Palestinians view as their  hero, is currently wearing  prison clothes, her only crime being  is that she was born in Palestine and showed resistance to her oppressors, and called for Freedom, Peace, and ending the occupation and removing the apartheid wall. Her courage is unrivalled.
This brave girl has been participating against her oppressors ,standing up against injustices. She has been protesting the theft of land and  water since 2012. She has had to endure personal sacrifice, having lost an uncle and cousin to the occupation. Her parents Nariman and Bassem Tamimi,  have been arrested time and again.
A video posted on facebook last Friday shows Ahed and her mother blocking two Israeli soldiers from entering their home after occupation forces had shot her 14 year old cousin Mohammad in the face by a rubber bullet, and fired tear-gas canisters directly at their home, breaking several windows.

Two years ago a video featuring her went viral as she sought to protect her brother being taken away by a soldier.
On Tueday December 18th Ahed , was abducted from  her home, during a pre-dawn raid carried out by Israeli Occupation Forces. At least 30 soldiers were involved in the raid and Ahed's arrest. During this raid,  occupation forces assaulted various members of her family, including Ahed's 14 year old brother, and confiscated their cell phones and computers. Later in the day after learning that Ahed was being held at a police station near Jabaa village, her mother travelled there to be present for her daughters interrogation, only to be arrested by occupation forces on her arrival. An Israeli cour yesterday extended her detention.
Ahed is currently one of 211 Palestinian  child prisoners in Israeli jails as of November 2017 Israeli Occupation forces regularly abduct, arrest, and abuse Palestinian children and torture them while in custody.The arrest of Ahed is sadly not an isolated incident,  but rather follows suit with Israel's policies and increased attacks on Palestinians since Donald Trump's symbolic assault on Palestinian sovereignty with his announcement on Jerusalem. As Palestinians continue to mobilize in light of this decision, it is imperative that the international community condemns all efforts by Israel to stifle Palestinian resistance. Israel's attempts to silence and install fear in Palestine youth , must be met with outrage, while extending full support to targeted Palestinians so they are not demoralized.
The United Nations has repeatedly called on Israel to withdraw from occupied Palestinian territory. accusing Israel of being guilty of policies and practices that constitute the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people, in violation of international law.
I stand against the imprisonment of Palestinians, especially children, believing that all occupied people have a right to resist their occupation. and therefore stand with Ahed and her family in this difficult time and salute their struggle of firm resistance against their illegal occupation
Please consider adding your name to the following petitions  demanding Ahed and Palestinian children are released from Israeli prisons now. The international community must put an end to the ill-treatment of Palestinian children. Enough is enough. To Ahed and the children in Isreli jails. We stand by your side, and are holding you in our hearts. We wil not give up until you are free. You are not alone. I urge fellow people of conscience to demand freedom for Ahed and her fellow detained and jailed Palestinian children in occupation detention centers, interrogation centers and prisons. The resistance of the Palestinian people has never been quelled by arrests or repression, and it must be clear that we, around the world, continue to stand alongside the Palestinian peope as they defend Jerusalem and their entire land and people under attack. This includes standing with detained and jailed Palestinian prisoners in their struggle for themselves, their people, and their occupied homeland.
It is only a few days now untill the new year,  but children are still being imprisoned in the modern age. Love and peace will never die, and the people of Palestine and the free world, salute you Ahed for the courage that you have shown.

Ahed Tamimi - Living Resistance Tour

Write to Ahed Tamimi, lets shower her with notes of hope, light and love. Let her know the world is watching and standing beside her in solidarity!

Ahen Tamimi
HaSharon Prison
Ben Yehuda,
40 330 Israel